MAITEX CEO Statement

Dear partners,

When we took the helm of MAITEX Industrial and Commercial S. A., about eleven years ago, we set out on a venture of considerable magnitude on the field of the fibre and textile manufacturing sector. With time, we managed to create a dyeing and textile processing production unit whose competitive edge measures up to the standards of both foreign and domestic manufacturers, while we never ceased to invest in human resources and innovative concepts pertaining to research, cutting-edge technology, energy saving, environmental conservation, and to offering the type of high quality products that goes hand in hand with speed in delivery.

Your enduring support throughout this long time has been an inspiration to us and has significantly contributed to strengthening every manner of entrepreneurial activity we have so far undertaken, especially in the direction of investing in high tech, which has ever been part of our concern and constant practice.

However, our vision does not end here. The Greek fibre and textiles industry does indeed stand today before a crossroads, bookended between tough, international competition on the one hand and the current adverse financial circumstance on the other. It is our firm belief that in the years to come we will be able to get across this path and walk it together, holding as compass our commitment to the ideals and objectives we have set for ourselves, while keeping true to our history.

We feel it is our responsibility to muster our strength and mobilise against ill-boding omens and inaction. The kind of responsibility that we are all called upon to assume united towards achieving goals that, doubtless, require great pains, consistency and an unfailing sense of purpose.

Ever trusting in the certainty that you, our partners, share our point of view,

With friendly regards,

Yiánnis Vénos.
President and CEO, MAITEX I.C.S.A.