Speed, maintaining the competitive edge, ensuring high quality products, and embracing innovation are the topmost priorities for Mai-Tex. With these in mind, we ever strive for self-improvement.


Mai-Tex’s unique approach to entrepreneurial activity, coupled with its flexible organization allow it:

  • To maintain high rates in development, regardless of the current market circumstance
  • To boast ample experience and key expertise pertaining to developing, managing and all-round utilising its available resources
  • To secure important partnerships on all manner of levels
  • To manage entrepreneurial risk in an efficient way, and increase productivity while reducing costs.
  • Investment Outlook

    The entire investment rationale is in synch with the purpose of enhancing product quality.
    To this end, Mai-Tex has invested in processes of considerable significance:

  • Automated system of colour distribution
  • System of automatic control of power costs
  • Production control automated system
  • Thermal energy saving system
  • Automated reservoir replenishment systems and systems of free surface distance control
  • Chemistry lab with accuracy to the decimal point
  • Controlled access of personnel to the facilities
  • Central system for controlling production, with the capacity for retroactive tracking up to a month back to determine possible errors or oversights
  • Remote software control systems of machinery involved in the processing of textiles, intended to prevent human error
  • Our company plans in the near future to install new biomass (pellet) furnaces, in tandem with our policy for eco-friendly, green development and minimizing production costs accordingly.