Our primary tenets are:

  • Reliable services
  • Consistency in delivery
  • Emphasis on high quality products
  • Proccessing

    Textiles of all manner and sorts are being processed at Mai-Tex’s production facilities, e.g. cotton, synthetic, velvet, etc. The types of dyes utilised cover the entire range of light to dark hues, as well as dyes of high resilience to light and friction.


    When the dyeing process is complete, textiles are sent to finishing, where they are subject to processing such as scarf finishing, drying, stitching, cutting, fluffing, razor finishing, tumbler, compactor, etc. according to the client’s specifications. An integrated, cutting-edge system has been installed to monitor on-line and efficiently the production process, and to operate the dyeing-unit equipment.


    A company-owned fleet of HGVs takes care of delivering the textiles packed to the client, once the process is over.


    Nevertheless, common experience on an international level shows that the world of enterprise is subject to constant change on a daily basis and at a staggering rate. Our company’s strategic positioning allows it to formulate an ambitious policy of expansion, stretching over the next five-year period, as well as over new, foreign markets open to our activity.